Guided Journaling is a therapeutic tool used in the treatment of substance use disorder and recovery to keep track of emotions. It reveals how a person copes without using drugs or alcohol. Insight achieved by Journaling has a calming effect on the mind as it soothes the soul which reduces anxiety and stress and promotes critical thinking.

Journaling is the process of reflecting on one’s emotions in writing. Therefore, journaling, as a therapy for de addiction treatment, helps identify patterns in one’s life, relationships, and work, and trigger patterns leading to addiction.

SERENITY ALC a luxury rehab includes Journaling as a deaddiction therapy as it boosts morale and increases confidence on the road to recovery, especially since writing improves Self Awareness and helps clients identify their emotional conflicts.Writing enhances memory and improves communication. Journaling aids thought clarity as it supports the organisation of one’s thoughts.

During the early days of recovery, negative thoughts and emotions can creep in at times. In such a scenario, journaling helps process these negative feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Journaling enhances life coping skills and also helps in relapse prevention.

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