Treatment For Hygiene

The practice of Cleanliness conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease is termed as Hygiene. “To Look Good is to Feel Good” is an old phrase which implies Self-Care Regimen of Personal Hygiene makes a person healthier and happier. Usually, People Associate the Term Hygiene with Cleansing Of Body. However Mental Hygiene also plays a key role in maintaining the harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Client’s facing generalized ailments or SUD in specific often neglect this practice of cleanliness as the substance takes importance over everything else including hygiene. The lack of focus on hygiene results in lack of self-esteem for the client and also creates a conflict with family, friends and colleagues. This lack of practice of cleanliness largely has effect on three areas.

  • Body Health: Poor Hygiene leads to body odor; Skin infections and other body infections are also common with substance abuse.
  • Oral Health: Bad breath, Dirty teeth are common examples.
  • Environment Health: The living room and the possessions are often found dirty and stale affecting the relationship with regards to family members.

Benefits of Hygiene Regimen:


  • Attentive Mind: Practicing hygiene helps clear mental clutter, as it requires an attentive mind.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: A Clean environment helps alleviate stress, promoting a sense of calmness and emotional stability.


  • Increased Energy: When we practice hygiene, we feel fresh and vibrant, ready to take life challenges.
  • Improved Physical Health: By maintaining hygienic balance, we enhance our physical well-being, It positively impacts blood pressure, sleep quality, and overall health.


  • Enhanced Spiritual Well-Being: Hygiene connects us to our inner self.
  • Increased Motivation: Looking Good and Feeling best physically and mentally empowers a person to work toward goals, providing motivation to avoid substances.

Education and Monitoring of One’s Personal Appearance and Surrounding becomes important in programs for addiction recovery. In SERENITY ALC luxury residential rehabilitation treatment program we advocate the practice of Personal and Mental Hygiene through specific training program.

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