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Yoga – Eight Steps of Ashtanga Yoga

SERENITY ALC’s Unique Personalized Yoga deaddiction program is effective in the management of cravings, withdrawal symptoms anger management, mood swings, and relapse prevention by bringing back the Locus Control on Self, Improved Physical Health, and Mood Stability.

Pranayama – Breath Control for Balance

Pranayama plays a significant role in strengthening one’s self-esteem and willpower to overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs, or any other chemical substance. In substance abuse treatment, Pranayama proves to be invaluable for reducing anxiety and impulsive tendencies that lead to addiction.

Meditation – Stability and Emotional Balance

Meditation as a de addiction therapy, helps to increase focus, improve attention, and enhance emotional stability. It aids in overcoming various common symptoms during addiction treatment, such as cravings, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, stress, and anger.

Journalling – Reflective Self-Introspection

Journaling is the process of reflecting on one’s emotions in writing. Therefore, journaling, as a therapy for de addiction treatment, helps identify patterns in one’s life, relationships, and work, and trigger patterns leading to addiction.

Counselling – Resolving Conflicts

As a treatment for deaddiction, counseling offers vital support to individuals, aiding them in staying sober and sustaining their motivation towards sobriety. It assists individuals in recognizing and comprehending the triggers that lead to cravings, including moods, thoughts, and situations.