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Sleep is a natural process that allows the body, mind, and spirit to rest and recover. It is a state of altered consciousness, characterized by relatively low muscle activity and reduced sensory awareness. Sleep is essential for gentle restoration of cognitive, emotional, and physical health. It also helps to consolidate memories, regulate mood, and repair tissues and cells. The amount of sleep required varies depending on age, lifestyle, and other factors. However, the majority of individuals require seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Sleep Disturbances in Substance Use Disorders

A common complaint among individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs) is difficulty sleeping. They can occur during withdrawal and can be associated with slip relapse of substance use. Insomnia and other associated sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea are common symptoms of alcohol dependence. People who refrain from chronic substance usage frequently experience sleep difficulties. People using marijuana experience sleep problems and people using opioids often report symptoms of insomnia. People in recovery may experience major negative consequences on their mental, emotional, and physical health if they are sleep deprived. It may also hinder the treatment for substance abuse.

Understanding Hypersomnia and Hypersomnolence

Another common symptom found in individuals with substance use disorder is “hypersomnia” and “hypersomnolence”. Hypersomnolence describes symptoms of extreme drowsiness, whereas hypersomnia refers to particular illnesses with excessive sleepiness as a prominent symptom. Patients with hypersomnia caused by substance misuse may have excessive nighttime sleep, daytime drowsiness, or napping as a result of their use of substances. Withdrawal from amphetamines and other substances can produce hypersomnolence.

Benefits of Sleep Treatment

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function: Adequate sleep improves attention, decision-making, and memory.
  • Emotional Stability: Proper rest helps regulate emotions and reduces irritability.
  • Physical Recovery: Sleep aids in muscle repair, immune function, and overall physical health.
  • Energy Boost: Well-rested individuals feel more energetic and ready to face daily challenges.
  • Inner Peace: Quality sleep fosters a deeper connection with one’s inner self.
  • Motivation: Feeling well-rested boosts motivation and promotes a positive outlook on life.

Treatment for sleep is very crucial during recovery and also for relapse prevention. Hence, SERENITY ALC, an exclusive rehabilitation centre, includes treatment for sleep in its program for addiction recovery. Treatment for sleep at SERENITY ALC involves analyzing the root cause of sleep disturbances such as inadequate sleep quantity or quality brought on by emotions, thoughts, too much or too little professional or physical activity. The holistic treatment for sleep at SERENITY ALC connects the mind, body, and spirit in synchrony, leading to happiness, joy, success, and fullness of life. This is achieved through self-awareness advocacy and lifestyle alterations to find balance in mind, body, and spirit.

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Sleep FAQS

What Is The Therapeutic Intervention For Sleep

‍Sleep Hygiene Education, Counselling and medications if required.

Is There a linkage Between Substance Abuse And Sleep

Substance misuse and sleep disturbances have a complicated and multidimensional interaction. Abuse of substances can damage sleep architecture, interfere with the generation of critical hormones that regulate sleep, and upset the body’s normal circadian rhythm. However, sleep disturbances may also make a person more susceptible to substance usage and relapse.

What Is The Role of Sleep In Addiction Recovery

Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being, but it is especially important in addiction treatment. During sleep, the body goes through critical processes that enable healing, repair, and memory consolidation. These mechanisms are critical for those recovering from substance abuse. Getting adequate sleep helps regulate mood, lower cravings, and improve cognitive function, all of which are important in the recovery process.

Can Sleep be Hindrance to Recovery

Lack of sleep or excessive sleepiness can have a negative impact on physical, mental, and emotional health, impeding the addiction recovery process.

Sleep Synopsis

Reduced Stress

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Better Healing

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    I began consuming alcohol while I was a college student. I joined my family's firm after graduating from college and assisted my father in growing it. As the business evolved, my drinking habits progressed in quantity as well as frequency. Friends and family encouraged me to get help, but I was in constant denial until I started losing control of my health and business. I was admitted to a recovery facility, but within three months I relapsed, this time with vigorous drinking.  I was informed about Serenity ALC by a family friend. After speaking with them, I underwent an eight-week rehabilitation process. I was highly motivated to quit drinking thanks to the SERENITY ALC team's combined efforts. The SERENITY ALC team was vital in helping me regain control of myself. I'm glad to declare that I've been alcohol-free for the past 6 months. When I look at myself today, I feel like I've reclaimed control of my business and earned the trust and respect of my family.


    Professionally, I'm an actor and model. I'd been using alcohol and drugs for a decade. My habit had a negative impact on my family life with my spouse and children. Thankfully, I was introduced to the SERENITY ALC team. Their innovative Alternate Life Care approach assisted me in overcoming my addiction. I've been clean of alcohol and drugs for almost 8 months, my marriage has been saved, and I'm doing well professionally. Sincere gratitude to the SERENITY ALC team for making me recognize, in the most respectful way, that my justifications for substance abuse and my health and marital difficulties were linked to each other. The two-month stay with the SERENITY ALC team helped me to understand myself better.


    My addiction began in school, when a batchmate introduced me to beer. As time passed, consumption gradually increased, and what began as a thrill became into an addiction. With more money at my disposal, I continued to experiment with different substances. It began to impair every element of my life, including my work, health, activities, and family. However, I did not realize the gravity of the situation until I began experiencing blackouts. A friend referred me to the SERENITY ALC team. A specific NON-MEDICAL program was created for me. The luxurious amenities made me feel right at home. With each passing day, I felt more at ease, healthy, and full of energy. I've never felt so positive in my life. I've been sober for four months and loving it. Kudos to Alternate Life Care Program!


    I have relapsed a couple of times even after getting admitted into multiple luxury rehabs. What made the difference for me at SERENITY ALC was getting the private attention and no moral science lectures. Self-Awareness and Self-Care through the Alternate Life Care program has kept me clean out of Drugs for one year now. All the best SERENITY ALC team !


    I have experimented with a wide variety of substances throughout my life. I've been to every kind of expensive rehab in the world, yet I always relapsed. I was divorced because of my addiction and eventually enrolled in the Alternate Life Care Program. I am grateful to the SERENITY ALC team for releasing me from the clutches of addiction and allowing me to live a clean and sober life. Being sober gave me the confidence to develop a good relationship with my ex-wife and children.