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Luxury Rehab in Pune

Alcohol and drug abuse is a major growing problem in India, Pune the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra is not far behind. In recent years a large number of people in Pune are consuming chemical substances like Alcohol, drugs and prescription medicines. Pune which was once referred as “ Oxford of the East “ and “ Pensioners Paradise” today faces growing concerns over surge of alcohol and drug abuse amongst teenagers and adults. As per a recent article in a newspaper daily, the year 2023 saw a 360 % surge in seizures of narcotics substances by government agencies.

The options for Rehabilitation center in pune are numerous but when it comes to choosing the best rehabilitation center in pune SERENITY ALC is the first choice. SERENITY ALC offers a single client program i;e treating one Client at a time for personalized treatment plan. Counseling for alcohol addiction and counseling for drug addiction at SERENITY ALC is unbiased and neutral. Programs for addiction recovery at SERENITY ALC has luxurious stay options and for nutritional recovery needs, an assortment of culinary options are available which positions SERENITY ALC as an exclusive rehab center in Pune. Holistic approach to treatment is proposed I;e therapeutic interventions that harmonize the body, and the Soul. SERENITY ALC is one of the few luxurious rehab centers which offers Peer Counseling, peer counselors share their experience of addiction and recovery and also hold valuable insights to prevent relapse. Evidence based holistic therapeutic interventions are included in the recovery programs.Relapse Prevention Training sessions are conducted during the rehabilitaion program and regular reach out sessions are conducted post the program completion as well.

Your search for luxury rehab in Pune ends at SERENITY ALC, Embrace the luxury of recovery at SERENITY ALC. Book an appointment with us today and initiate your recovery journey!

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