Counselling, commonly referred to as ‘talk therapy’, is a process through which individuals, couples, or families come together with a trained professional counsellor to discuss the conflict they are encountering in their lives. Confidential and Non-judgmental approach characterises professional counselling.

Deaddiction counselling plays a crucial role in the journey toward recovery and breaking free from dependency on substances such as alcohol, drugs, or other chemical compounds like prescription medications. Addiction manifests in two primary forms: chemical dependency and behavioural patterns. Deaddiction Counselling addresses both aspects, helping individuals maintain focus and motivation on their road to recovery.  SERENITY ALC a luxury rehabilitation centre in India includes Deaddiction Counselling in its Program for substance abuse Treatment.

As a treatment for deaddiction, counselling offers vital support to individuals, aiding them in staying sober and sustaining their motivation towards sobriety.It assists individuals in recognizing and comprehending the triggers that lead to cravings, including moods, thoughts, and situations. Deaddiction counsellors teach techniques to avoid these triggers and replace negative thoughts with positive ones to maintain sobriety. 

Deaddiction counselling aids in fostering healthier habits and hobbies, as well as building positive relationships, thereby reducing the risk of relapse.In cases where individuals are diagnosed with both a mental health disorder and addiction, counselling provides solutions and assistance for both issues. Counselling enhances self-awareness, and mental clarity, and equips individuals with psychosocial tools for holistic development, thereby facilitating the continuation of the path to sobriety.

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