Individual Substance Abuse Counselling in Luxury Rehab

Individual Substance Abuse Counselling in Luxury Rehab

Individual de addiction counselling commonly referred as private addiction counselling or private drug and alcohol counselling is an intervention which focuses on direct problem solving to initiate abstinence, recognize triggers, relapse prevention, and support 12-step group participation.

Substance abuse counsellor forms a therapeutic alliance with the Client to achieve the goal of abstinence from substance use disorder I; e consumption of alcohol, drugs or prescription medicines. De addiction counselling is in the form of talk therapy which is in a relaxed environment wherein the client can reflect on the underlying root cause of his addiction. The substance abuse counsellor ensures that the counselling session remains private meaning the clients private information remains confidential. 

Professional substance abuse counsellors in luxury rehab like SERENITY ALC

are always respectful towards the client, they work as a guide with the client on the road to recovery offering support, guidance, recommendations, and self-awareness advocacy. The drug and alcohol abuse counsellor of 5 star rated rehab facility such as SERENITY ALC objectives are to remain non-judgemental and non-discriminatory in the approach towards the client. The substance abuse counsellors have unconditional love and positive regards towards the client and most importantly view the client as a human being who has potential for self-growth. The drug and alcohol counsellor employs techniques such as motivation enhancement in an empathetic, non-confrontational setting to stimulate growth through self-efficacy of the client. As the harm reduction begins and the client is on the path to sobriety, the client starts achieving positive functioning in the family, in the society and professionally which further motivates the client to enjoy the pleasures of sobriety. This triggers further motivation in the client to achieve total abstinence.

Therapeutic intervention of substance abuse counsellor is focussed on:

  1. Assisting the client in acknowledging that they have a substance addiction.
  2. Identify the signs and symptoms of addiction that directly relate to the client’s personal experience.
  3. Educate the individual struggling with addiction on how to identify and redirect urges related to substance use.
  4. Encourage and motivate the client in attaining and maintaining abstinence.
  5. Help the client recognize situations where they turned to substance as a coping mechanism for life’s challenges and understand that relying on substance to solve problems is ineffective.
  6. Assist the individual struggling with addiction in developing efficient problem-solving approaches.
  7. Familiarize the patient with the principles of the 12-step philosophy and strongly encourage participation in the Self Help Group.
  8. Motivate individuals struggling with addiction to create and maintain a recovery plan as an ongoing lifelong commitment.
  9. Assist the individual struggling with addiction in identifying and modifying problematic attitudes and behaviours that could trigger a relapse.
  10. Motivate the client to enhance self-esteem by applying recently acquired coping skills and problem-solving techniques both at home and within the community.

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