Pranayama is an integral component of Ashtanga Yoga. Pranayama is made of two words Prana ( Life Energy and Yama ( Control ), meaning the practice of breath regulation through exhalation and inhalation. 

Pranayama plays a significant role in strengthening one’s self-esteem and willpower to overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs, or any other chemical substance. In substance abuse treatment, Pranayama proves to be invaluable for reducing anxiety and impulsive tendencies that lead to addiction. SERENITY ALC is counted in most luxurious rehab centers and incorporates Pranayama in its Program for Addiction Recovery.

Pranayama enhances awareness, which, in turn, diminishes the intensity of cravings and the urge to consume alcohol or drugs. Pranayama aids in detoxification of the body systems, promoting relaxation, and soothing the mind.

Pranayama supports individuals in connecting with their inner selves, releasing both physical and emotional tension, and gaining a valuable understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and life experiences. This practice has a calming and beneficial impact, both in the short term and the long term.

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