Treatment For Sleep

Sleep is a natural process that allows the body, mind and spirit to rest and recover. It is a state of altered consciousness, characterized by relatively low muscle activity and reduced sensory awareness. Sleep is essential for gentle restoration of cognitive, emotional, and physical health. It also helps to consolidate memories, regulate mood, and repair tissues and cells. The amount of sleep required varies depending on age, lifestyle, and other factors. However, majority of individuals require seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

A common complaint among individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs) is difficulty sleeping. They can occur during withdrawal and can be associated with Slip relapse of substance use. Insomnia and other associated sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea are common symptoms of alcohol dependence. People who refrain from chronic substance usage frequently experience sleep difficulties. People using marijuana experience sleep problems & People using opioids often report symptoms of insomnia. People in recovery may experience major negative consequences on their mental, emotional, and physical health if they are sleep deprived. It may also hinder the treatment for substance abuse.

Another common symptom found in individuals with substance use disorder is “hypersomnia “and “hypersomnolence”. Hypersomnolence describes symptoms of extreme drowsiness, whereas hypersomnia refers to particular illnesses with excessive sleepiness as a prominent symptom. Patients with hypersomnia caused by substance misuse may have excessive nighttime sleep, daytime drowsiness, or napping as a result of their use of substance. Withdrawal from amphetamines and other substances can produce hypersomnolence. 

Treatment for sleep is very crucial during Recovery and also for Relapse Prevention hence SERENITY ALC an exclusive rehabilitation centre includes treatment for Sleep in its program for addiction recovery. Treatment for Sleep at SERENITY ALC is analysing the root cause of sleep disturbances such as inadequate sleep quantity or quality brought on by emotions, thoughts, too much or too little professional or physical activity. The holistic treatment for Sleep at SERENITY ALC is connecting together the mind, body and spirit in synchrony leading to happiness, joy, success and fullness of life. This is achieved through self-awareness advocacy and lifestyle alterations to find balance in mind, body, and spirit.

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