Relapse Prevention in Luxury addiction treatment in India

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a training and education workshop which helps an individual in identification and prevention of high risk situations, events , places , people etc;  Family members are included in the workshop wherein practical life scenarios are visualized and trained upon to prevent future risk of Relapse. Additionally, Life Coping Skills and elimination of myths  is included in this program. 

SERENITY ALC’s luxury addiction treatment program includes Relapse Prevention Training and Education. The Relapse prevention sessions are a combination of education and workshops. SERENITY ALC’s relapse prevention technique differs from those used in other substance misuse treatment programs. The program at SERENITY ALC  includes peer counselling, in which a person who has recovered from substance abuse but had previously relapsed educates the client about his experience with relapse. The ratio of education, practical workshops and peer support is decided upon the personality of the client, type and history of substance consumed resulting in a tailor-made Relapse Prevention program. For a relapse prevention plan to be effective it must be customized for each individual.

Another important aspect of Relapse Prevention is to include Family members to educate them on identification of warning signs to prevent a relapse. In order to develop a recovery plan focused on relapse prevention, the individual, family, therapist, and peer counsellor collaborate to form a therapeutic alliance. The Relapse prevention workshops happen simultaneously with the recovery program.Handbooks including the practicals are provided to the client and the family members. In conclusion, relapse prevention techniques increase self awareness, and in the long run, self-care, which stems from self-awareness, is essential for maintaining sobriety. At SERENITY ALC relapse prevention workshops are done even after discharge through regular reach outs , follow up sessions and emailers.

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