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Eating Disorder and Substance Use Disorder

Eating disorders are characterized by disturbed eating patterns and dysfunctional attitudes toward food, eating, and body shape. The primary features of eating disorders are similar to those of SUD compulsive use or behavior, loss of control, and continuing behavior despite negative consequences. Genetics and other biological factors, as well as environmental factors, appear to be involved in the etiology of Eating Disorder.  Eating disorders can cause severe fluid and electrolyte imbalances, dietary deficits, menstrual irregularities, and other reproductive system ailments.

Eating disorders (EDs), which can cause major health concerns and even death, are usually associated with substance use disorders. EDs can have a wide range of psychosocial repercussions and can disrupt an individual’s social functioning. When SUDs and EDs coexist, the consequences, assessment, treatment, and recovery are more difficult for both illnesses than for each alone.

The path to recovery can be long however the treatment is possible. Treatment is initiated after assessment of medical and psychiatric conditions and most importantly the class of substance.  The treatment requires a multidisciplinary team and whenever possible the treatment approach is simultaneous. SERENITY ALC which is counted in Most Luxurious Rehab Centers has the expertise for the treatment of co-occurring eating disorder and substance use disorder. The personnel involved at SERENITY ALC in the treatment of co-occurring eating disorder and substance use disorder have decades of experience in managing clients with both disorders .The treatment involves pharmacological management, psycho social intervention, exercises, dietary changes and dietary education. Counselling , motivational interviewing and relapse prevention techniques are a vital component of the recovery program.

If you are looking for a luxury rehabilitation center your search ends at SERENITY ALC. SERENITY ALC is your guide on the road to recovery from addiction. Contact us today and start your recovery journey.

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