Massage Therapy in Luxury Rehab Facility

Message Therapy in Luxury Rehab Facility

Massage is the act of kneading or stroking the soft tissues of the body. Commonly, hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a gadget are used to apply massage treatments . Luxury Rehab Facilities use Massage Therapy as a holistic treatment to help clients facing substance abuse issues. Luxury Addiction Treatment centres such as SERENITY ALC include Massage therapy as a mind body-oriented intervention.

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Luxury Addiction Treatment

Eliminates muscle tension: Individuals on the path to sobriety often complain about muscle tension especially since there is a significant amount of stress on their body. The stress levels can be elevated during the detox process. Massage therapy helps to release the excess tension held in the body.

Increases blood flow: Massage increases the blood flow and Increased blood flow can improve the body’s immune system, typically weakened in people dealing with substance use disorder.

Improves sleep: Those facing substance abuse issues often have trouble with insomnia and overall sleep quality especially during the early stage of recovery process. Massage aids Sleep Quality.

Helps remove toxins: Massage therapy also helps the body to gradually reduce toxins.

Efficacy of Massage Therapy is in secretion of Dopamine and serotonin thereby resulting in reduction of stress level and mood stability. Another efficacy of Massage therapy in treatment of substance use disorder is Increased Self Awareness which helps the client to focus on the recovery which is also meaningful for relapse prevention.

Programs for addiction recovery at a luxury rehab such as SERENITY ALC embrace Massage Therapy.

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