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Treatment Co-Occurring Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a disabling psychiatric disorder and is characterized by mood instability (hypomania/mania), depression, or mixed manic and depressive episodes. Mood swings are typically accompanied by shifts in energy levels and sleep patterns.

Individuals with bipolar disorder frequently suffer from substance use disorders (SUDs). Individuals with bipolar illness may be more likely to initiate substance use than those without psychiatric illnesses for the following reasons.

  1. Genetic association between substance use disorder and Bipolar Disorder.
  2. Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Disorder share common neurobiological pathways.
  3. Certain symptoms of bipolar disorder like impulsivity, poor coping skills for stress and excessive pleasure seeking associated with manic or hypomanic phases of the illness may elevate the risk for substance use.

The treatment of these co-occurring disorders should include both pharmaceutical and psychological therapies. Pharmacological treatment is done based on the assessment of bipolar disorder, Psychosocial interventions are important for addressing issues such as diagnosis acceptance, treatment compliance, and relapse prevention. 

Though the treatment duration for such a co-occurring disorder gets elongated and is complicated, on the positive note treatment is possible and available at luxury rehab center for instance SERENITY ALC. An integrated approach to treatment is followed at SERENITY ALC which means that a client with a dual diagnosis requires comprehensive care, with treatment for bipolar disorder and substance misuse occurring concurrently inside the same program. A team of specialists from various disciplines is available at SERENITY ALC which has the expertise and experience of managing clients with the co-occurring disorders. Adjunct therapy like Meditation and specific breathing exercises( Pranayama Techniques ) have been found to be useful especially in mood stabilization. 

SERENITY ALC is your guide on the road to recovery from addiction, your search for a luxury addiction treatment center ends at SERENITY ALC. 

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