Role of Hypnotherapy in Luxury addiction treatment

Hypnotherapy in Treatment of Substance Abuse

Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration guided by a certified hypnotherapist. In this altered state of consciousness, a person is more open to suggestions which can lead to recovery and well-being.  Hypnotherapy in summary  is giving the body a voice to bring awareness to what is happening in the subconscious, which makes up over 90% of an individual’s awareness.  The subconscious mind holds our belief systems, thoughts, and feelings which drives our behavior, which we are unaware of. For hypnosis to be effective, the client must participate voluntarily.

Hypnotherapy comes in a variety of forms, Common  Examples include Ericksonian hypnosis, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Cognitive hypnosis, hypno-psychotherapy, hypnoanalysis, and Solution-Focused hypnosis.

There are multiple benefits of Hypnotherapy in luxury rehab facility:

  1. Changes in perception: Clients with SUD often don’t view substance use disorder as an addictive behavior, hypnotherapy helps in changing this perception.
  2. Reduced Stress: SUD clients often complain about emotional and physical stress, hypnotherapy works on stress reduction as it’s a mind body intervention.
  3. Augmented Treatment Outcomes: Techniques like Memory regression contribute to better Treatment outcomes.
  4. Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms: Individuals in recovery often complain about withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, low mood, Irritability etc; Hypnotherapy helps in reducing these symptoms.
  5. Reduced Cravings:
  6. Higher Motivation: Maintaining abstinence is the ultimate goal for Individuals struggling with substance abuse which requires a high level of Motivation. Hypnotherapy when clubbed with Motivational Interviewing has been shown to have positive long term outcome to maintain sobriety.

SERENITY ALC offers a luxury residential substance abuse treatment program and Hypnotherapy is used as a Mind Body intervention for treatment of substance abuse at SERENITY ALC.

SERENITY ALC is your Guide on the Road to Recovery from addiction, contact us now and initiate your recovery journey.

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